Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Moronic Landscaping Idea

From the idiot who last year gave us a video of himself using a lawnmower to trim his hedges, we now have a new way to kill ourselves.

The self-described "World's Strongest Redneck" is still trying to trim his hedges. As you can see by the video, he has attached his chainsaw to a, well chain. He swings it around his head, brushing the shrubs, thereby trimming them.


Watch the video for yourself. The usual snarky comment from me is below the video.

As somebody commented on YouTube, "this dude is a Darwin Award just waiting to happen."

The guy is such a moron that if the chainsaw hit him in the head, it would just wreck the chainsaw, as if it hit a concrete post.

I wonder what he will try next. My guess is explosives to shear the shrubs. My suggestion: Just get rid of the damn shrubs. Or maybe keep the shrubs because they'll eventually help kill this guy off.

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