Monday, June 27, 2011

The End of Facts

I was struck by the following quote in the New York Times today, by a guy observing a political blogger who many say doesn't really think facts are all that important

"There are no standards of facts anymore for a lot of people. We have gone from selecting sources of opinion that we agree with to selecting facts we agree with," was the quote.

I have noticed this phenomenon. Politicians of all stripes more so than ever say things that are demonstrably, unquestionably falsehoods, but people believe them. Because they want to. Nowadays, if a politician repeats the old saw that there will be a chicken in every pot, lots of people will go to their kitchens, look into their pots and pans and fully expect to find a chicken.

A chicken, nicely prepared with spices, lovely side dishes and and perfect dessert of strawberries and ice cream.

I have been depressed about this trend of people not considering for a moment whether something is factual or even possible. But maybe if you can't beat them join them. If I want something to be true, it will come true. I'll just live in Never Never Land. Why be left behind? I'll join the crowd.

So henceforth, every rainstorm that hits my house will be mixed with gold coins that I can scoop up and use to buy personal slaves that will do all my bidding when I want them to.

Everything will always go my way, everybody will fawn over me and I will live healthy and strong and happy for the next three million years at least.

Naysayers say all this is impossible. The facts don't support it. But facts don't matter anymore, remember? So. I'm going home now. It rained last night. Which means I have lots of gold coins I have to shovel off my driveway.

I'll see you on Rodeo Drive.

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