Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bizarre Hit and Run Crash: Why So Casual?

Everything nowadays is caught on tape, and a recent, bizarre hit and run crash in Pennsylvania is no exception. So why do people do dumb things in public, then pretend nobody saw them?

The surveillance tapes, as you can see in the video below, from the store in Pennsylvania  shows a 7-11 store employee, minding his own business, changing the garbage bags in the trash cans in front of the store. A car swerves into the parking lot, bounces off another car, then crashes into the store employee and the store itself.

The crash sends the employee through the glass window into the store. (The employee was injured but is recovering)

What happens next is strange, if you are a student of human behavior. As soon as the dust settles, a passenger in the car casually gets out and walks away, as if she decided she's in the mood to go buy a Slurpee or something.

The car backs out from the store, and another passenger in the back seat of the car tumbles out an open door of the car onto the pavement.

According to NBC Philadelphia reporter David Chang, both passengers later got into the car, which drove off.  Police already interviewed our alleged Slurpee customer, who ID'd the driver, according to Chang's report. Police also have their hands on the car.

The driver of the car is supposedly a nurse, and police are looking for her. I guess she was off duty, which might explain why she didn't try to help anybody.

So, OK, why was everybody involved so casual? If I'd slammed into a store with my truck, I'd be in hysterics. Were they casual because they drive into people and buildings as a matter of course and the whole things is just old hat?

Or do they do worse things, so injuring a person and trashing a building with their car is no big deal? Weren't they at least a little curious about the guy they hit? Weren't they aware that every convenience store on the planet these days is bristling with surveillance cameras as a tool against robbery and other crime?

Or were these people just trying to set a new record for stupidity?

Inquiring minds want to know, and I'm sure the fine reporters of television stations and newspapers and blogs around Pennsylvania will try to fill us in once Little Nurse Crash and Slam is arrested.

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