Thursday, June 30, 2011

Don't Use Roundup on Jesus

The latest news out of North Carolina is there has been another sighting a Jesus image

He's turned up on toast, windows, sheetmetal and other objects. Jesus gets around, doesn't he? Now, the annoying weed called kudzu has taken the form of Jesus, at least in the opinion of a few people. 

Maybe this is a bad angle, but I don't see
Jesus in this kudzu
I dunno, to me, it just looks like a tangle of vines on a pole and wires, but what do I know?

Normally, kudzu is regarded as an invasive weed in the south that's nearly impossible to control and takes over everything.

Not this kudzu. It's Holy Kudzu.

I suppose if you use your imagination, it looks vaguely like a figure on a cross, but really, I doubt Jesus looked like a dense mat of leaves and stems, do you?

The best quote in the article about the kudzu Jesus is the guy who usually likes to spray kudzu with the herbicide Roundup. But not this patch of kudzu. It's Jesus, after all. "You can't spray Jesus with Roundup," the guy said.

Yes, it is rude to spray someone with Roundup.

What would Jesus do about people who think they see him in kudzu infestations or slices of toast, anyway?

In particular regards to the North Carolina Jesus kudzu, it will keep growing. Will its alleged resemblance to Jesus fade? Or turn into something else?  I'd hate to see it turn into something that looks like Ozzy Osborne or something, with all due respect to Ozzie.

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