Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hating the Texter

I found a little item below of the type of person I hate the most. It's a recording of a voice mail message left by a young woman who seemed to not like her experience at some place called the Alamo Drafthouse.

Apparently, the Austin, Texas business shows movies, and does not allow texting and phone use during the films. Seems like a pretty reasonable rule, if you ask me.

Well, our young woman is steamed, steamed that she got thrown out of the Alamo Drafthouse for texting during a movie. She has the right to text, you see, even if it totally bothers everybody else trying to watch the movie.

The young woman is the type of person I just love to despise. Her wishes trump everybody else's. I wonder what she thinks, if she's aware there's close to a million people now who have heard her bitchy whines.

Listen for yourself in the video below (which just has her words) Caution: Her language is NSFW and not for the little kiddies scattered about:

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