Friday, June 10, 2011

Dishing About Landscaping

You can use just about anything for landscaping borders in gardens, and I came across this unique one in Burlington recently.
Somebody in Burlington, Vermont used dishes
to decorate a front yard garden.

Somebody used china, yes, dishes, to mark the boundary between walkways and plants in the garden in their front yard.

It's not maybe something I would do, but you have to admit it's unique. It does kind of work, and I like the fact that the idea is so quirky.

Gardens need more quirkiness, sometimes.

It got me thinking about what other things people use as garden decorations. I see tires used a lot, which definitely sends a mixed message.

I mean, let's plant things where vehicles will roll. I saw one house once where discarded green aluminium siding was used as a sort of wall in front of plants. Pretty cheesy. And I've seen flowers growing out of a rotting couch on a front yard, but I don't know if they just grew there randomly or if it was some sort of landscaping design.
A detail of dishes inserted between paving stones and plants
as decorations in a Burlington, Vt. garden

Me, I'm going to continue to use stones, plants and other natural things for my landscaping. Readers, have you see anything odd in a garden? Have you used anything odd in a garden? Let me know. It would be fun to find out how creative people are.

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