Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lake Champlain Keeps Attacking

Last evening, while Massachusetts was coping with really nasty tornadoes, we in Vermont had our own wind issue.
Flooding Lake Champlain water and waves overwhelm
a fishing pier in Burlington, Vermont Wednesday

The cold front that caused the severe weather had passed. As is often the case after a late spring or summer cold front passes in Vermont, the skies clear, it stays warm and a strong fresh breeze kicks up. It was gusting to 40 mph at times.

Normally, this would not be a problem. The wind felt good after an oppressively hot day that reached 90 degrees. But Lake Champlain has been in a major flood since April, and the water is still incredibly high.
Crashing Lake Champlain waves come ashore near a statue on a w
windy evening Wednesdayin Burlington, Vt,

So the wind stirred up some big waves, which caused further damage and erosion along an already flooded and trashed Lake Champlain shore in Vermont. You can tell this by the pics I took that are in the post. Looks like people were still enjoying the weather, though.
Waves from flooding Lake Champlain splash onto a boardwalk
In Burlington, Vt. on a warm, windy Wednesday eening

Surging waves from a flooding Lake Champlain
overwhelm a Burlington park on a windy
Wednesday evening

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