Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Debate Fight! You Think We're Bad?

We in the United States this fall have survived several Republican presidential debates. Things would get nasty at times, with barbed comments, flubs, assertions, accusations. You know, the usual. This state of affairs will surely continue until we hit the presidential election in November, 2012.

A year of this nonsense. Sigh.

It could be worse. I found a video of two politicians in Lebanon arguing over Syria. They're speaking in Arabic, but you don't have to understand a word of it to know they really, really hate each other.

I think U.S. debates would be better if they got physical. Wouldn't you love to see Hermain Cain pull Rick Perry's hair? Or Michelle Bachmann slap Newt Gingrich across his pudgy face? Does Mitt Romney have any cool mixed martial arts moves he can try out on Rick Santorum?

In Lebanon, when things got out of hand, somebody at the television station was smart enough to cut to a commercial. But still, neither politician came off as particularly statesmanlike. See for yourself:

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