Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oops. Truck Driver's Bad Day

Right in front of my office building in downtown Burlington, Vermont yesterday, a truck driver finished a delivery at a nearby restaurant. He either didn't put the lift on the side of the truck back under the vehicle, or it slid back out once he started moving.

The truck driver didn't notice the problem until it was waaaayyyyy too late. The lift crashed into an SUV, which was pushed into two other cars. The SUV is pretty much ruined, the other cars have minor damage.

You can see some of the damage in the photo I took in this post.

But the scary thing was a woman an little girl were at the back of one of the cars that got hit, and almost got smushed between the bumpers of two cars. The woman had a leg injury but looks like she'll be OK. The girl, maybe four or five years old, wasn't hurt.

I'm sure the truck driver had some 'splainin' to do to his boss. Hope he doesn't get fired. Though this is awful, we are all prone to bonehead moves.

Here's hoping none of us do anything particularly stupid today.

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