Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why I Don't Live in Nome

Here in Vermont, we have a reputation for nasty winter weather.

It's not quite winter yet, but often by now, it's cold and gray and rainy and snowy and icy. So it was nice this week as Indian Summer weather settled in, with temperatures in the 60s. I was actually doing late autumn yard work in shorts and a t-shirt. Yeah, it was dark and I had to use a head lamp, but at least it was warm.

Today's weather in Vermont made me doubly glad I don't live in Nome, Alaska. I pick on Nome because the video below shows what the weather was like there last night. That area of Alaska is having its worst storm since at least 1974.

 I got cold just watching and listening to the wind howl through town:  Vermont will look like this soon enough, unfortunately

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