Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kardashian Trouble Spreads

Oh, hell, I'll put up something about the Great Kardashian Divorce Tragedy of '11 since everybody else is doing the same.

For the three people in the world who are uninitiated: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries got married a couple months ago, and got paid a zillion dollars to do so by having a reality show or something built around it.

The Kardashian family tends to do that. They don't have anything going for them, at least in my opinion, except for an extreme talent for putting themselves in the public eye and milking it for all its worth.

So Kardashian and Humphries got married and got their zillions. Very nice.

A whole 72 days later, Kardashian filed for divorce.

The news of the divorce set the media awhirl and a-Twitter, with breathless updates on why this couple are leading such tragic lives. After all, a divorce between rich young people is much, much worse, than say, war criminals killing children in Africa, or starvation, or senseless murders, or even another Lindsey Lohan pratfall.

The news is coming so fast and furiously (It's important, after all!!) that some news outlets are not updating their Web sites properly. An example is in this post: The image shows a Web page announcing this terrible divorce with an advertisement begging people to watch the thrilling Kardashian/Humphries nuptials a couple months back. Oops.

Well, nothing good ever lasts.  Some marriages last 60 years, some last 72 days. Whatever.

Buzzfeed had a great list of things that lasted longer than this marriage.

My favorite on the list: the Kardashian/Humphries engagement lasted 85 days, or thirteen days longer than the actual marriage.

I wonder if people who gave them expensive wedding gifts will get their stuff back. Maybe Kardashian will mistakenly send me a gold plated blender she might have gotten from somebody else.

One can only hope.

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