Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Internet Troll to be PWNed?

Readers of this blog know how much I hate trolls, those living-under-a-rock people who post super nasty comments, videos, etc. because they love the attention. Classic jerks, in other words.

Mostly, these trolls are ignored, because they aren't worth the time of day. But every once in awhile, one of them strikes a nerve.

Like our troll of the day, known as "johnnyb34435" He's got a YouTube channel with lots of videos of his ugly mug spouting stupid crap. Don't watch any of them, they are a waste of time.
Internet "troll" johnnyb34435

Except for this one, which struck the above mentioned nerve. He gets out there and says he dressed up as a veteran on Veteran's Day to get free stuff from people who wanted to honor people who served our country.

Here's the video, if you can stand it:

Well, johnnyb34435 got his wish. LOTS of people are watching this video, with his creepy sociopathic sounding voice, his weird grin and chins flapping beneath his worthless words. In fact, our buddy johnnyb34435 has made a new video, after this one, further trying to antagonize veterans and others.

Normally, I don't give quote, unquote people like johnnyb34435 any attention, but I want to hold this guy up as example. Trolls like him thrive on negative attention. They love the angry comments they get on their videos, blogs, commentary, etc. They get off on it. Maybe it's kind of like an orgasm,  I don't know.

But what people like johnnyb34435 don't realize is, they're playing with fire. If they hit the wrong nerve, as he did, things blow up in their face. It now seems people are out looking for johnnyb34435 and want to teach him a lesson. It's really easy to track down people who post videos on YouTube. I know. I've tried.

Now that he is so much more widely known, there's a greater chance that some yahoo will find him, fight stupidity with stupidity and harm johnnyb34435.

As much as I hate the guy, I'd hate even more for him to get hurt. Violence is bad, and besides, why turn this jerk into a martyr?  But I worry he is now in danger.

On the brighter side, it could well have been a crime that he impersonated a veteran for financial gain, so prosecutors might be taking a keen interest in johnnyb34435's video.  Although, he could be such a wimp that he's just saying he did this, but thankfuly didn't have the balls to pull it off.

If he did commit a crime through his actions, I  look forward to reading news of johnnyb34435's impending arrest.

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