Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Drunken Drivers Get Badly, Sadly Creative

Holidays, including Thanksgiving, get the police out on the highways en force, looking for drunken drivers.

This Arizona woman was all smiles
after her drunk driving arrest. Earlier, she was in a
much more foul mood, allegedly assaulting
arresting officers.
Which is a good thing, since we all want to have safe travels during the holiday season.

Plus, cracking down on drunk driving gets people off the roads who are dangerously stupid, whether drunk or sober. But especially drunk. Want horrifying, hilarious examples? Well, I'm glad you asked.

The Smoking Gun reported on one drunken driving case, of an 18 year old woman who drove drunk with a missing tire on her car.

Apparently, she got drunk because she was despondent that her boyfriend didn't take her to see "The Twilight Saga:" Breaking Dawn" like he was supposed to.

Well, it's certainly a tragedy that this woman didn't get the chance to see the movie that night. No wonder she drank. I guess that movie is important, but what do I know, as I'm one of only six people on the planet who has no idea what the Twilight Saga is about. Oh well.

Another drunk driver, pictured above, seemed pretty happy when she had her mug shot taken after her recent arrest in Arizona. She does show a sense of gleeful accomplishment in her mug shot, doesn't she?  The thumbs up says it all, doesn't it?

Well, she should be, um, proud, since she did get a lot done during her arrest.  According to, again, The Smoking Gun, our Arizona happy girl told a cop, "I don't have to walk x&8T!! anywhere," shoved a cop while declining to take a sobriety test, kneed another cop in the groin, and kicked and thrashed inside a police cruiser.

Wow! What an active day! Bet you didn't do that much the last time you had your evening cocktail.

So, at least two drunk drivers are off the roads this holiday weekend. There are others lurking, I'm sure, so let's be careful out there.

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