Friday, August 22, 2014

A Unique Enough Take On Tired "Happy" Makes Me Happy About 5the Song Again

A still from a very awesome fan video
of Pharrell's "Happy" in American Sign Language.
Pharrell Williams' "Happy" is a good enough song, I definitely like it.

Or liked it, until the radio stations and every other media played it approximately 9,978,459,320,347,413 times per hour.

So I got sick of it.

But the song gets great new life in this video from the participants at Mark Seven's Deaf Film Camp in Old Forge, New York.  They do "Happy" in American Sign Language.

The camp offers film making classes and opportunities to make fils to deaf and hearing impaired youths.

And doing "Happy" through sign language makes it so infectious. I love it.  So does Pharrell Williams, judging from comments he posted on Facebook. 

Here's the very happy, fun video, that's totally going viral:

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