Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Want To Run Into THIS Guy Next Time I'm Stuck At The Airport

This guy sure knows how to lift the
gloominess of airport terminals.  
My new favorite person is Maan Hamadeh.

I'll be in airports today. I find terminals terminally gloomy. So I wish I could take Hamadeh with me. Here's why:

He's from Lebanon, was traveling and recently ended up waiting at an airport in Prague.

According to the Daily Star of Lebanon, Hamadeh describes what happened:

"I spent 12 days in Europe without playing music, so I missed playing and became very excited about it....While we were looking for the gate to board our next flight, my friend stopped me and he pointed toward a piano, and so like a baby who has found his mother after getting lost, I ran to it."

Which made the whole scene in the Prague airport so much better. Hamadeh played various versions of
Beethoven's "Fur Elise" (you'll recognize it when you hear it) and part of the score from the movie "Titanic"

As you can see in the viral video below, you wish every airport gate had a piano player. It makes unpleasant terminals so much better. For proof, watch the face of the woman in the blue shirt behind Hamadeh in the video:

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