Monday, August 18, 2014

Dash Cam Vid: Crash, Enormous Explosion, Then Watch What Truck Driver Did

The explosion that almost killed a grandmother
and granddaughter, except for the actions of a truck driver.  
From Jalopnik, we have an amazing dash cam video from a truck in Mississippi (in the video below, the time stamp is wrong, it happened in recent days)

Up ahead, a Lincoln Town Car t-bones tractor trailer, which explodes and engulfs the Town Car in flames.

The truck driver whose dash cam is rolling gets out with an itty bitty fire extinguisher, but runs to the flaming car anyway.

He suppresses the flames barely enough to get a woman with a broken leg out of the car, and her one year old granddaughter.

The baby is pretty much fine, the grandmother is in the hospital nursing the broken leg, but it's amazing anyone survived this.

Watch this incredible drama:

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