Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Poker Player Looks TOTALLY Bummed About Winning $15 Million

Daniel Colman shows his, um, excitement
at winning $15 million in the World Series of Poker.  
Daniel Colman recently won $15 million in the World Series of Poker.   

To state the obvious, you need an excellent poker face to win that game. So Colman did that well, for sure.

Apparently, though, he can't lose that poker face. Or, worse, judging by the expression on his face, winning $15 million is a bummer, kind of like getting a parking ticket or finding out you need new brake pads on your car.

Maybe he was thinking about the IRS and all the money they're going to take from the winnings. I don't know if he's married, but maybe he wondered if he should have signed a prenup.

A lot of people were pretty annoyed with this guy. I guess because it does seem odd that he wouldn't get too happy about winning.

And geez, being suddenly that rich, you might throw a bone to the media, the sponsors and hangers on  that were there for the big win.   More than a few people were as bummed as Colman apparently was, since the poker faced poker winner wasn't exactly media friendly.

The Las Vegas Sun had a good summary of this:

"Channeling a petulant child, Colman had to be persuaded to pose with the winning and bracelet most poker players spend their whole lives fighting toward. Caesars Entertainment executives and ESPN officials got their way with that one, but Colman would spare no more satisfaction.

He turned down every request, even with the giant sports network that will air six hours documenting his victory starting later this month, to talk about outlasting 41 other players over the last three days."

I dunno. Maybe he had a stomach ache. Or his girlfriend broke up with him. Or Lady Gaga's hit "Poker Face" had become an annoying earworm for him and he couldn't get rid of it.

We'll never know, since Colman's not talking. Yeah, I know, his personal life is none of our business, but he certainly does conjur up enough curiosity that we want to ask more questions of him, not fewer.

The guy does smile sometimes. I went to Google images and found plenty of pictures of Colman with a grin on his face.  Just goes to prove that a day in which you win $15 million can still be a bad day.

In any event, I extend either my congratulations or condolences, or maybe both, to Colman for the joy, or misery, or winning the $15 million in the poker event.

Here's the video in which he seems vaguely disappointed in what most of us would regard as just a perfect turn of events:

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