Sunday, August 3, 2014

Neighbor Offers Sugar; Might Get Her Evicted For It

This woman might get evicted for giving
her neighbor some sugar for his tea.  
No good deed goes unpunished, apparently.  

In Houston, a woman left a bag of sugar at the door of a neighbor who needed the sweetener.

This is in a public housing project, where drug transactions can understandably get you evicted.

Somebody saw the woman's sugar gesture, decided she was delivering drugs, reported it and now the lady is in trouble.

The housing authority send her, and the recipient of the sugar that they are accused of dealing drugs, said KHOU. (Warning, the link has that stupid auto play feature, so turn the sound off)

The problem was, she put the sugar in a Ziploc bag, and left it by the neighbor's door. That, to some people --a white substance in a baggie -- like a drug deal.

They were told that if they don't sign a paper, which amounts to a confession of drug dealing, they will be evicted. But both the woman who gave the sugar and the guy who got it said they won't sign it, because they don't want to lie.

On the bright side, they can find another place to live, since they won't lose their vouchers for housing, say authorities. (Losing vouchers requires a higher standard of proof of drug dealing)

But should these two people get evicted because one person said they think they were dealing drugs? You can get anybody you don't like evicted that way, since the housing authority apparently takes anybody's word for anything.

Seems like they could come up with a more fair system.

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