Thursday, September 4, 2014

Arizona Beach Ball Hater Is Probably In Hiding Now

A kid gives the guy next to him (in backward blue ball cap)
 a big thumbs down after the guy destroyed a
beach ball that was bouncing around the stands.  
A video showing a football fan destroying a beach ball that had been bouncing around a stadium went viral yesterday.  

Now the guy who smushed the beach ball is facing the wrath of the Internet.

The back story: Last week at a college football season opener in Arizona, fans batted a beach ball around the stands, something that happens a lot at events like that. It's harmless, festive fun.

But this guy would have none of that. No fun beach balls while he's trying to watch the game!. So he stomped the beach ball and tossed it away, and congratulated himself by applauding his own deed.

This was all caught on video, and the reviews of this guy are brutal. The Bleacher Report called him a "no-good, cargo-short-wearing schlub, and he must be brought to justice."

I'm sure people have figured out who he is went viral, so he will be publicly humiliated. Granted, bursting a beach ball is not a High Crime Against Humanity, so even though the guy is a jerk, he probably doesn't deserve the world's wrath.

But is fun in a weird way to point and laugh at the moron who apparently hates fun.

Here's the video:

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