Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Firefighters REALLY Complete Their Job In Baytown, Texas

Firefighters in Baytown, Texas
finish mowing the lawn of
 a heart attack victim. Photo
 by Ashley Odom Chandler,
 via Facebook.  
Firefighters in Baytown, Texas recently responded to the home of a 65 year old man who suffered a heart attack while mowing his lawn.  

The paramedics treated him and rushed the man off to the hospital. So good! They did their job completely and professionally.

However, the firefighters believed they still had work to do at the scene of the emergency.

They returned, finished mowing the lawn, put the mower in the garage when they were done, locked the garage door and left a note tellling the man's wife to contact them if she needed them for anything else  says ABC 13 in Houston. 

Sadly, the 65-year old's heart attack was massive. Despite the firefighters' efforts and that of the doctors at the hospital, the guy died.

Still, I really have to give kudos to the Baytown Fire Department.  Talk about being community minded! Not surprisingly, they are getting major praise from Baytown residents.

Up here where I live in St. Albans, Vermont, I really do love our fire and rescue services. They're terrific.

But if any firefighter in Baytown is looking to relocate, I definitely invite them to apply for a job in our town.

I'd love to have them.

Or maybe I should just move to the fine city of Baytown, Texas.

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