Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cat Probably Used Eight Of Nine Lives in Canadian Building Fire

A woman tried to retrieve Sylvester
after he escaped a raging fire and building collapse
An arson fire in Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada left 25 people homeless and destroyed the building.

A totally sad story, but I love one glimmer of good news that literally emerged from the collapsing
wreckage of the destroyed building.

The fire had gone on for hours. Finally, the whole building collapsed.

At the end of the cacaphony of the collapse, a cat ran out of the destroyed building. It has apparently been trapped in the building, and somehow survived the fire.

The collapse miraculously didn't kill the cat, but instead creating an opening for the cat to run. It was all caught on the amazing video at the bottom of the post.

The cat, named Sylvester, was taken to a veterinarian and treated for smoke inhalation, but is recovering and has been reunited with his owner.

Sylvester will probably be avoiding fires and loud noises for awhile.

Here's the video:

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