Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weirdest Russian Dashcam Video EVER

The characters inside this van in a still from
a dash cam video are itching for a fight.
Watch what happens when they get out.  n
If you've never in an idle moment searched YouTube for Russian dash cam videos, you ought to. It's a whole different world behind the wheel of a car in Russia.

Russia is full of stupid car crashes, stupid drivers, violence, fights, wreckage, road rage and, occasionally, a strange bit of kindness.

Everybody has a dash cam in Russia, what with unsafe roads, unsafe drivers, insurance fraud and corruption. People need the videos to prove their case.

One Russian dash cam video that recently came out that I'm sharing with you here is almost certainly a fake, or some sort of set up, or joke, and doesn't reflect reality.  But I'll post it anyway because it's so, um, different.

It involves a car that cut off a van, and road rage erupts. It's so bizarre and funny and off the charts you have to watch it to get your Wednesday laugh.

Here it is

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