Monday, September 8, 2014

Bizarre Weirdos Of The Day: Guys Sprayed Deer Urine On Walmart Merchandise Because It's Fun

Dody Hudson and Jon Ohlman are accused of
spraying deer urine on merchandise
in an Oklahoma Walmart.  
This week's bizarre weirdos of the week are Cody Hudson, 18 and Jon Ohlman, 24, of Oklahoma, who, for reasons unknown, sprayed doe urine on merchandise in an Owasso, Oklahoma Walmart.

Fox 23 and other Oklahoma media outlets don't have information on why the pair did this. But now they're in trouble. They're out on bail, but due back in court September 15.

I guess we can only speculate why they did this.

Maybe they were bored? If so, I have to hand it to them for creativity.

It's the first time I've ever heard of someone who is trying to liven up the day, slapping their palm against their forehead and saying: "I know! Let's spray doe urine on stuff at the Walmart! It will be so much fun!

Why did they have doe urine? It's normally used by deer hunters to camoflauge their own scent, but why was it important for Hudson and Ohlman to have it at Walmart?

Walmart isn't necessarily the most loved business in America. Did they target Walmart for a particular reason. Speaking of targets, I guess we're lucky they didn't go to a Target store, too.

We do know Hudson and Ohlman did about $2,800 in damage to the store. And Walmart had the good sense to pull the urine soaked items off the shelves, and are guaranteed never to try to sell them.

I do have advice for Hudson and Ohlman, whose parents must be SO proud of the nationwide media attention they're getting. Next time you're bored, maybe just go deer hunting with your doe urine.

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