Monday, September 1, 2014

Don't Brag To Police If You Were Doing 185 MPH On Your Motorcycle

Now that he's been arrest, this guy might not
be as proud of what police said was his
bragging about doing 185 mph on his
motorcycle. He faces various charges.  
Here's a pro tip for all you speed demons out on the highways.

If the cops stop you for doing 127 mph down the Interstate on your motorcycle, don't brag to the nice police officer that you were actually doing 185 mph before the police noticed.

This did happen recently in New Hampshire, says Gawker and the Associated Press. 

The admission by David J. Fries, 31, about his speed, after one New Hampshire State Trooper clocked him going 127 mph, another saw him crash into a guardrail and run away, and after several officers spend an hour chasing him through the woods and such near the Interstate.

Fries didn't have a good night. He was also injured in the crash, and by the police dog that also caught up with him.

Police also said they found a hyperdermic needle, smoking pipe and crack cocaine on Fries, which might help explain why he was screwing around on his motorcycle like that.

The drug revelation prompted one commenter on Gawker to note:

"With all that drug paraphernalia, he was probably going 185 mph before he got on his motorcycle."

According to the AP, a trooper spotted 31-year-old David J. Fries going 127 mph on Interstate 93 at about 2:45 a.m. on Saturday. Another trooper saw Fries crash into a guardrail after he exited the interstate, at which point he led officers on an hourlong foot chase.
Fries was caught with the aid of a police dog, and treated for injuries both from the crash and the dog.
Police said Fries, who had in his possession a hypodermic needle, smoking pipe, and crack cocaine, allegedly told them he got up to 185 mph before exiting the interstate.
He is being held on a $30,000 bail.

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