Monday, March 21, 2011

Crimes of Stupidity

I'm always fascinated by stupid criminals, or paranoid people who report crimes when something completely normal is going on.

So I was pleased when the Huffington Post offered some fun police blotter items. You know, those are those little items in local newspapers that say Mrs. Smiths flower shop got broken into or there was a fender bender on Elm Street.

These are a lot better though. Some of the better ones include a report that a car was slowing going up the street, stopping at each mailbox. Investigating officers discovered it was the mailman. And there was the call from a Wal-Mart where somebody reported finding an infant in a trash can. The "infant" was a discarded burrito.
Why did the Swanson Chicken Pot Pie cross the road?
Because somebody who reported it to police was wacko.

And there are the thoroughly perplexing one, where somebody called police to report a Swanson frozen chicken pot pie running down the street.

Um, I guess if people are going to ask why a chicken crossed the road, why not ask why a Swanson frozen chicken crossed the road.

Do any readers out there have funny police blotter stories? Put 'em in the comments section and join the fun.

Meanwhile, I'll relax, although since it's wintry out today, I am worried abotu seeing a Swanton frozen dinner run by. If so, I'll just stab it with a fork and throw it in the microwave.

Talk about hunting for dinner!

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