Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to My Relocated Blog

Me. I've relocated my Matt of All Trades blog here, from Wordpress
Hello, Many of you know me as the guy from the Matt of All Trades blog, over at

I'm moving. Matt of All Trades is now here, in Blogger, so bookmark the new address!

It's been great over there at Wordpress, but you really can't put up paid advertising over on that blog. Well, you can at, but it's too complicated for my simple little mind

So, I'm shifting over here, to Blogger, where I can attract advertisers. I know, I know, advertising can be annoying on a blog and everywhere else, so why am I drinking that Kool-Aid? Because I'm a money grubbing cheapskate. I'll only get minor ads, and I'll earn pennies. Little pennies. But pennies count in my warped mind.

For those of you not familiar with the Matt of All Trade blog, Welcome! The blog is a potpourri of my thoughts on all things, hence the "All Trades" name. Look for my skewed, offbeat (some say weird) views on pop culture, news, humor, my occupation as journalist, writer and landscaper, my photography, and whatever is on my mind at the moment.

The blog can be a odd, strange trip. But it's worth it, at least to me.

I almost always update the blog at least once a day, usually twice a day, sometimes more. So check back often for new posts. And please, please, leave your comments, observations and ideas on the posts. The bigger the conversation the better.

The Matt of All Trades blog over at Wordpress remains up, so you can look at my hundreds of archived posts dating back to December, 2009.

Here at Blogger, it'll also take me awhile to learn to get the bugs out of this different format, so things might look a bit goofy here at my new home for awhile. Please be patient with me. I'm good at a lot of things. However, web design, and anything to do with this Internet thingy is definitely not one of my strengths.

Most importantly, thanks to all of you for reading, commenting on and telling others about this blog. I deeply appreciated it.

Thanks, Matt

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