Monday, March 21, 2011

Winter Grabs Spring Away

Yesterday, as spring officially arrived late in the afternoon, the sun felt sort of warm and the snow continued to melt.

Today, the first full day of spring, winter elbowed spring aside in a hurry.
My back yard this morning, just before the snow began

I knew the snow was coming, so I got up early to get as much work done on my property in St. Albans, Vermont as I could before the snow buried what I was doing, forcing a postponement until things thaw again.

It's quite a give and take. The snow tapered off early this afternoon, accumulating to less than the predicted three to five inches. Some of the new snow even began to thaw a bit.  The forecast changed late this afternoon, with only light flurries predicted. I was hopeful.
Same scene, 90 minutes later after snow erased spring

With that, winter took umbrage. A big area of snow blossomed on radar over northern New York and has now moved into St. Albans. It looks like that three to five inches is coming after all.

You can't win with spring in Vermont.

Below: The view from my back deck as the snow fell. I usually like being out there on warm spring days. Not this one.

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