Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deer Are Iffy Visitors

Deer visited my property in St. Albans, Vermont again yesterday.

Many people are charmed when deer are around, but I have misgivings. They eat and damage stuff that I want to keep. Sometimes I regard deer as rats, except they are bigger, look better and presumably taste better
A deer at the bottom of my yard in St. Albans, Vt. yesterday

Every winter, I have to fence off some cedar trees growing on my property because they munch on those.

It's been a snowy winter, so deer have had a hard time getting food. So they're sniffing around my compost pile, looking for scraps. I don't want to get them used to finding food here, so I hope the deer move on.

Yes, I feel sympathy.  Believe me, I wouldn't have wanted to spend the entire winter belly deep in snow, freezing my butt off, starving and searching in vain for any bad tasting morsel of food to keep me  alive.

But hey, I'm not a deer. I can go to the supermarket. So call me heartless.

One of two deer visiting my property yesterday
Spring is allegedly coming, so green shoots of grass and other plants and buds should appear soon. Maybe the deer will go back into the fields and forests, looking for those. Then they'll leave my gardens intact and in peace. At least I hope.

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