Saturday, May 26, 2012

Anderson Cooper Interviews All the Weirdos

CNN's Anderson Cooper seems to be on a roll this week, having a tiff with what the Guinesss Book of World Records says is the person with the most plastic surgeries under her belt. And, he interviewed one of the most clueless and nastiest people I've ever seen at a bigoted church in South Carolina. That interview is unintentionally hilarious.

That's one of the joys of journalism, take it from me. You do get to meet the most, um, interesting people. Actually, some are fascinating. But as Cooper saw this week, some are dreadful. He even called the plastic surgery woman "dreadful." To her face. Her plastic, robotic, stiff, artificial face.

The woman, Sarah Burge, is known as the Human Barbie. Since we're talking about looks, here, frankly the plastic Barbie doll, you know, Ken's beau, is prettier.

Anyway,  Cooper's not given to histrionics, but he did seem offended when Human Barbie said she was encouraging her young daughters to go down the path toward Perfection in Plastic Surgery and also thought pole dancing would be a pleasant career for the young 'un.

Cooper later said it was his mistake for inviting Human Barbie on the show. I'll say.

Anyway, watch the clip. He proves you can be devastating by not raising your voice. Love it:

Haven't you always wanted to tell a dreadful person to their face that they are dreadful?

You've got to love Cooper. His style is to keep asking basic, logical questions of people who have no concept of logic. Or thought. Or introspection.  There's no better example than his little interview with a member of that church in South Carolina that I wrote about the other day. You know, where the "pastor" thought it's a nifty idea to put all gay people in concentration camps until they die away.

Watch the woman get totally flummuxed by Cooper's simple questions.

To get your laugh of the day, watch it unti the very end. Cooper, ever the gentleman, thanks the woman for discussing a difficult topic. (Yeah, right!) Her response is precious, and laugh out loud funny, but the whole thing is cringe-worthy hysterical, as she's so out of her league, and frankly, not very bright:

Luckily, in my work as a Vermont journalist, I almost never encounter dreadful people like Cooper did this week. But his work does offer an instructive lesson on how to  handle the World's Dreadful Community.

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