Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pudsey the Dog WINS Britain's Got Talent!

I have to say Jackson, the cocker spaniel who lives with me and Jeff, is quite a smart dog. A little headstrong yes, but you have to expect that from a youngster like Jackson.
Pudsey performs winningly with human
companion Ashleigh on "Britain's Got Talent."

He's learning tricks, too, but I don't think Jackson will ever be in the top echelon of Dogs Who Perform Amazing Feats.

That's OK, Jackson's a sweetheart, and a keeper, and that's good enough for us.

Still, maybe we should sit Jackson down in front of the TV and show him recent clips of Britain's Got Talent. A dog named Pudsey, and his human companion Ashleigh, wowed 'em with a few performances, especially one I feature here. The pair dance, jump, flip and perform to the "Mission Impossible" theme.

The dog's damn good!

That performance put them over the top. Pudsey and Ashleigh Butler, 17, got the majority of the public's vote and won this season's Britain's Got Talent finale on Saturday.

And I absolutely LOVE the dog's name. Pudsey. Perfect!

Even curmudgeon Simon Cowell smiled at this. He called it one of his favorite acts ever. You will, too. Watch:


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