Monday, May 14, 2012

Your Final Amusement Park Ride?

I don't do well on amusement park rides. I'm afraid my stomach is just a bit too sensitive to that. Usually. But not always. Which makes me want to try the ride featured in the video, below. I think I actually want one of these built in my backyard. I can charge admission, and pay off the mortgage.

I also don't know whether this ride is safe. As one commenter on the YouTube video says, these things are assembled and disassembled in some cases by a hung over guy being paid $8 an hour, who spends most of his time smoking and ogling teenage girls.

But never mind. If I do install this ride in my yard, you can come over and try it. And I'll make sure I'll get a competent person to run the damn thing: Watch and get a vicarious thrill:

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