Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Pastor" in N.C.: Put Gays in Concentration Camps

Our nominee for the worst recent Sunday sermon goes to Pastor Charles Worley of Maiden, S.C., who took the pulpit earlier this month with the following helpful suggestion:

Just pen up all the gays in the country within electrified fences and they will all eventually die and we won't have to deal with them any more.

Watch Worley's spectacular video, and notice how few people are in this "church." I wonder why?

I always love it when people make big boneheaded splashes like Worley. He's so smug in his ignorance. He's got all the answers. He's so right. At least in his mind.

This will play out in the way it always does when dumb people make a public splash. He's now increasingly getting a firestorm of attention, derisive, mocking, insulting, relentless. Just as he deserves.

Of course his supporters will help him, reassure him that he's saving the country. That he's Right.

It won't be enough. Worley has a rough ride ahead of him as his stupid video goes viral. He may be self righteous, but he sure is dumb. And lots of people will pile on. As it should be, as long as nobody gets physically hurt.

Hey, when you're mean and dumb, you eventually get blowback. It's called karma. Which is probably against your narrow religion, too, isn't it Pastor Worley?

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