Thursday, May 24, 2012

Danger Dogs: Corgi Blows Up Kitchen

Most of us can rely on our dogs to attack the things that are threatening us. Or at least the things the pups think are threatening us. And so what if there's collateral damage. Trust me, there's always collateral damage.

The other night, a big ugly June bug got into the house. It was Jackson the cocker spaniel to the rescue! After a late night round of thumping growling, upended knick knacks, near disasters with lamps and what had to be the world's most durable window screen that didn't tear,  the June bug was dead.

Jackson saved us!

This wasn't nearly as harrowing as a corgi's battle with kitchen cleaning supplies, news of which turned up on this Internet thingy in the past few days.

This became public when someone started a Web series on dogs that have a preoccupation with attacking strange things. The debut video certainly landed with a bang, thanks to the corgi.

As you can see in the video, below, Yogi the corgi goes after the cleaning products as soon as his human companion opens the cupboard doors under the sink.

The corgi went to work, you betcha, tearing into stuff and finally biting down hard on a big can of black spray paint. Said paint ended up all over the kitchen, the human, the corgi.

While the nice young lady took the corgi into the bathroom to remove the paint, the spilled cleaning chemicals reacted with each other and the stove pilot light. Watch in the video the beautiful flashy boom of the stuff exploding. Thrill to the sound of the smoke alarm going off.

Luckily the fire was put out without too much damage to the apartment, or the humans who live there. Yogi the corgi was cleaned up and seems none the worse for wear.

You can watch a follow up video here of the chagrined owner and the news that everything is recovering. Phew!

My Jackson so far hasn't taken a hankering to cleaning supplies and spray paint, but just to be on the safe side, I'll keep him away from this stuff. Maybe I'll just feed Jackson June bugs

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