Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Inviting a Tornado to a Wedding

As many of you know, I'm getting married in August, and we're in the thick of planning it.

The ceremony scheme is pretty much worked out, and it's going to be beautiful.

But it won't involve a tornado, unfortunately.

I say that because a video popped up of a recent Kansas outdoor wedding, at which a tornado crashed the party. No worries, it didn't actually go through the ceremony itself,  so everybody's fine.

Here's the vid, then read, if you dare, more verbiage below:

Isn't great how nonchalant everyone is? Yeah, there's a tornado, so what? They react to the storm the same way the rest of us would react to a few, tiny puffy clouds on a spring day. s

I love the commentary toward the end of the video:  "It's an honest to goodness Kansas wedding," a woman is heard saying.

She sure is right on that point.

A question for wedding experts: If a tornado appears at your wedding, is that a good omen or a bad sign?

I'm a huge weather geek, and a key person in my wedding party is also a hardcore weather geek, so the tornado would have been a nice touch at the nuptials.

But my intended, Jeff, does not want a tornado at the wedding. And I see his point. He is a set designer after all, and he knows how to make things look just right. So I trust his judgement that a tornado just won't work.

Our wedding is going to be indoors, in an historic theater building, so we'd hate to see that get damaged.

And we're wearing white, so we don't want windblown debris marring our clothes. There's candles involved, and we don't want those to blow out, either.

Also, it would probably be rude to have people who we invited, after taking the trouble of doing their hair and wearing some nice outfits, have to deal with a tornado.  People will want to eat during the reception, and there's no sense of having guest hunt and peck for hor d oeurvres that were scattered to the wind.

The bottom line: No tornado at the wedding. I'm not disappointed.  I get Jeff as a lifelong prize, so a tornado is hardly anything that matters. Besides, Jeff, especially when he's on a roll, is a human tornado.

That's all I'll ever need.

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