Sunday, May 6, 2012

Never Walk Again? Inspirational Guy Proves 'em Wrong.

I'm a sucker for those stories of people who overcome adversity and triumph spectacularly. Not in the sense of conquering the world or achieving some top athletic endeavor.  The stories I like are little ones, like the one which went viral today.

Arthur, a Gulf War veteran, completely screwed up his back and knees jumping out of planes in combat. He gained a lot of weight, and lost a lot of hope. Doctors 15 years ago told him he'd never walk unassisted again.

He wanted to try Yoga, thinking that would help a little, at least. Everyone rejected him because he was physically so unstable. But one Yoga instructor decided to give it a shot.

Between the expertise and Arthur's newfound, unwavering determination, his life changed, big time.  These kinds of stories I imagine help people like you and me. If Arthur can do what he did, then we can easily get through something as trivial as a lousy Friday at work, or an impossibly busy weekend, and be happy about it.

So watch the video and get cracking on your own project. You'll succeed. I just know it:

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