Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gravy Wrestler, Monkey Wrench, Sex and Injuries

Today's nominee for the strangest, and most overly detailed newspaper headline of the week comes from the Daily Mail of London: "Gravy Wrestling Model Suffers Horrific Facial Injuries After Being Hit With Monkey Wrench When She Interrupts a Friend Having Sex."
 Gravy wrestler Elisa Sampson, right,
victorious in happier times.

The accompanying article doesn't add too much to the headline, other than the fact there appeared to be drinking involved.   NOOO!!

There is never an explanation as to why the monkey wrench was so handy. I've never heard of a monkey wrench enhancing sexual experiences before, if that's what was going on. Then again, I've led a pretty sheltered life.

The wrestler in question, Elisa Sampson, had walked in on who, until that point was her best friend, screwing around with a guy, the wrestler was annoyed and things devolved from there. Sampson's friend ended up bashing her in the face with the wrench.

Apparently, the gravy wrestling is an annual event that raises money for charity. Apparently, the gravy wrestling is not a full time gig. She's also a Web designer. She has also largely recovered from her injuries, according to other published reports. So that's good news.

That's the problem with this kind of story. They never give enough detail. To me, there is no such thing as TMI. Well, almost no such thing as TMI.

I do think it's time that sex education classes include lessons on avoiding monkey wrenches during intercourse. We all appreciate safe sex.

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