Monday, June 4, 2012

Car Alarm Symphony

Here's a fun prank I found out here on the Internet Thingy: What would you do if you went to the local big box store with its humongous parking lots and all the car alarms went off?

This was all done by a group called Improve Everywhere, a New York based group whose mission is to pull off strange and joyful (usually) public scenes.  What I like about their pranks is they're not out to hurt or embarass people. Just puzzle them.

Another recent prank was to take a random, unsuspecting couple sitting in a park and treat them to an orchestra and a four star dinner. Just fun!

Here, they got a bunch of people to simultaneously set off their car alarms, to the bemusement of shoppers and workers who really, really didn't know what was going on.

This prank by Improve Everywhere went off at a Staten Island shopping mall and it's fun to watch. So go ahead and watch!

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