Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Taylor Swift," Strange Horns, Barf in Burlington, Vt

One of the joys of summer in Burlington, Vermont is the, um, creative entertainers on the Church Street Marketplace.
The "Taylor Swift Experience"
in downtown Burlington, Vt.  

The Marketplace is the main tourist and shopping center in the city's downtown, and in the summer it really comes alive with outdoor dining and extremely interesting people to watch.

Such was the case Friday with the appearance of an entertainer who calls himself the Taylor Swift Experience.

Taylor is a tall young man who was clad in a blue, green and white flower print dress, moccassins and a brown cowboy hat.

When I saw him, he was singing "You're the One That I Want," that hit song by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John from the movie "Grease, " and accompanying himself with his ukelele.

It was a sight to behold, let me tell you, but it was false advertising in that I did not feel like I was experiencing Taylor Swift.

Taylor told me his real name is Mike and he gets a lot more money thrown into his ukelele case if he's dressed as he was. Judging by the pile of money there, I'd say he was right.

Here's a brief video I took of the Taylor Swift Experience's command performance.

A lot of the entertainers on Burlington's Church Street Marketplace are actually quite good and relatively normal. For instance, the other day I saw and heard an exquisite bluegrass band that reminded me a lot of the Old Crow Medicine Show. 

But sometimes, things devolve badly. Last summer I started filming this strange guy playing a strange horn wearing a strange cow skull mask. (He's back this year)

The video is below, but be forwarned. The action in the background gets pretty bad, and this musician seems to have created some strange reactions. I suggest you not eat anything while watching the video.

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