Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Despicable Kids Abuse Old Woman, Retribution Coming

UPDATE: READ THE LINK To a column about this incident at the bottom of this post:

Just when I start thinking the kids are alright, that they're intelligent, smart, compassionate and will change the world, something like this terrible news from western New York pops my Pollyanna bubble.

Some really, really, creepy teenagers verbally abused an elderly bus monitor on a school bus in the Greece,  N.Y. school district until she cried.  Then they posted their handiwork on YouTube. They  must be so proud.

Here's the video, which I'm sure you won't be able to get through (I couldn't, too painful) but looking at it gives you a sample:

The animals on the bus gleefully, repeatedly informed the woman of their perception she is fat, and old, and worst of all, not rich! Hey, if you don't have much money, you're fair game for abuse or worse, right? Just check out all those videos of kids beating up homeless people for fun and profit. ( or at least notoriety)

Why is it that the creepiest kids seem to focus on income when mistreating people.  I hope those types of kids ends up in utter poverty, to teach them a lesson.

Meanwhile, the nice thing about social media is it works both ways. The morons on the bus put this up on YouTube, because they're way too stupid to realize that most people aren't as fond of their activities.

So now, Internet sleuths are seeking out the kids, with some success, so that people can heap abuse on them. I don't know if it's a good idea doing the eye for the eye thing, you stoop to their level.  Although I've provided the link that gives (I think) the kids' names and other information, please don't do anything bad to them, as much as they deserve negativity. Go ahead and criticize them and call them out, but no crimes, please.

But maybe identifying the creeps will get them punished. If they're old enough, maybe they can be criminally charged with harassment?

The Internet researchers also figured out who the victim is, and her Facebook page, so that people can send their support. She needs it. I just hope trolls don't go after her, too.

Rochester television station WHAM reports that the Greece Athena Middle School, where the moronic kid are from, are facing disciplinary actions and might face criminal charges from the Greece, N.Y. Police Department. 

Since the creeps are probably juveniles, they'll probably be shielded from public scrutiny, especially since schools don't really publicize how they punish kids. That's too bad, because I'd love to hear what kind of explanation these little monsters come up with for their behavior.

The most upsetting part of WHAM's report is that the victim, Karen Klein, said she got most upset when the kids said "You're so ugly your kid should kill themselves." (sic)

Klein said her son took his own life about a decade ago.

I also wonder about a weird dichotomy I noticed: Seems kids these days are either horrible, like the morons from Greece, N.Y., or their brilliant, poised, incredible. It seems like there's no mediocre kids these days. Either total winners or total zeros.

Now that I've totally depressed you about the state of humanity, I offer this series of pictures from Buzzfeed to help restore your faith in mankind. 

Also, Nestor Ramos wrote this beautiful column in the Rochester  Democrat and  Chronicle 

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