Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guy Turns Dead Cat Into Flying Drone (Yup!)

It's never a happy event when a pet dies. You want little Fluffy or Fido to live on forever, but Wham!  Tragedy strikes and they're gone.

One Dutch artist has allowed his cat to live on forever. He turned it into Orvillecopter! Half taxidermied cat corpse, half little flying drone or helicopter!.

Yep, poor little Orville got hit by a car and died. A taxidermist allowed Orville to look, well, sort of the same as when he was alive.  Cat owner Bart Jansen, a Dutch artist, converted the cat into a flying drone. Watch the video, with commentary (naturally!) after the video:

I dunno. This seems a little disrespectful to the cat. Look at the expression on the thing's face. Looks like shock and mortification to me.  Would you like to be turned into an unmanned drone, or at least a dead man drone, after you pass away?

According to The Guardian UK, Jansen says his cat would have liked to have been turned into a helicopter drone, as has happened. He loved birds, now he can fly with them, goes the logic.

On the other hand, President Obama has come into criticism for those unmanned drone strikes in Afghanistan. Those unmanned little planes drop bombs on suspected terrorists, but some possibly innocent people  might be getting killed, too.

Orvillecopter just might be the solution. One of those things buzzing around terrorists' heads is more than enough to scare them into being peaceful. We can try scarier animals, too.  How about a squadron of dead skunks dropping their smell onto a suspected terrorist holdout?  Giant drone chickens can drop eggs that are really hand grenades, to do away with the enemy. If we really want to bring out the big guns, we can attach powerful plane engines to dead bulls, and have them buzz the enemy.

I smell victory, people! Or is that just a decomposing animal carcass?

I think we should stick with the tried and true when our beloved animals pass. Bury the poor thing among the flowers in the back yard, make a nice little headstone out of a nice heavy rock you find in the field, and just remember the good times you had playing with the little rascal.

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