Monday, July 21, 2014

"Charlie Da Dog" Helps Baby Load Up On Toys

Charlie Da Dog gives a baby back his toy, and then some.  
OK, I'm a little obsessed with cute dog videos lately, but I can't resist this one.

The set up is that Charlie the beagle, or better known to "Charlie Da Dog" takes a toy from the baby.

(The family is Polish, and I love how the dog is known as "da dog" because people with Polish accents pronounce "the" as "da." Reminds me of my upbringing in a town with a lot of Poles.)

Anyway, the baby starts crying when Charlie takes the toy. Charlie feels bad so he piles toys on to the baby. The premise of the video is that Charlie is apologetic for taking the toy, but I think Charlie has just been trained to do what he does.

But the true scenario doesn't matter that much. The baby and the dog are still cute, and Charlie is clearly smart and talented.  It's no wonder the video has gone totally viral.

By the way, Charlie has a Facebook page you can check out as well.

So for your Monday morning smile, here's the video:

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