Sunday, July 13, 2014

Don't Get Fancy Glass Doorknobs For Your Home Because They Might Burn It Down

Glass or crystal door knobs are fire hazards.  
A charred bedroom after a crystal doorknob
in the room focused sunlight, which set a fire

At least that's the takeaway we get from South London where one of these beautiful fixtures set fire to a bedroom in a nice expensive house.

According to the Telegraph, the sun shone into the bedroom and hit the door knob.

The crystal focused the sun like a laser beam onto  dressing gown, which burst into flames. The fire spread through much of the bedroom, pretty much destroying it.

The house was saved, though, because a construction crew next door heard fire alarms and quickly called for help. The workers also kicked in a door to the house and began trying to put the blaze out until the fire department arrived, so that slowed the fire's spread.

Nobody was injured because the occupants weren't home. They'd left for work earlier in the morning.

The moral of the story: If you're going to get all fancy with your crystal doorknobs through the house, don't let the sun in. If you do, you might come home to find a pile of charred rubble.

I guess it's better to go to Walmart and get cheap, ugly doorknobs if you need them.

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