Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cop Pulls Over Nice Mustang; Idiot Truck Driver Slams Into Mustang

This guy waiting for a traffic ticket is
about to get much worse news.  
Here's a young guy who had a really bad day recently.  

A cop in Texas pulled over a young man driving a sweet Mustang.  While waiting for the cop to process the stop, the guy stood next to his car.

Then an idiot in a pickup truck spilled his 32 ounce Big Gulp or whatever, and focused so much on his soda that he slammed into the Mustang.

On the bright side, the kid who had the car jumped out of the way in time. On the negative side, the truck really trashed the Mustang.

Even worse, the driver of the white pickup truck was charged with having no insurance.

You can see in the video the kid looks really unhappy, but I would have reacted more strongly than he did, so kudos for the self control.

Here's the sad video:

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