Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Speeding Car No Match For Koala; Typhoon No Match For Kitten

Veterinarian nurse Robyn Kriel
holds Timberwolf the Koala as
he recovers from his harrowing trip.  
From the fun and fluff blog Nothing To Do With Arbroath, we get two tales of animal survival today.

The animals in question are cute, too!

The first is a young koala bear that was struck by a car in Australia

The occupants of the car didn't know they hit the koala, which clung to the front grille of the car as it traveled another 50 miles down the road until the people stopped for gas and found the little animal.

Miraculously, the koala wasn't badly injured. Now named, Timberwolf, for some reason, he was taken to the Australian Wildlife Hospital at Australia Zoo, where he is making a full recovery.

Elsewhere, somebody driving down a highway in Taiwan just after a nasty typhoon last week found an apparently lifeless kitten that had gotten blown or washed out onto the busy road.

Happily, the motorist managed to revive that kitten, too, who is doing well, as you can see in the video, below.

Goes to show that youngsters, including animals, can be tough in the face of adversity. Especially if that adversity is followed by a little kindness from strangers.

Here's our kitty video:

Australian Wildlife Hospital at Australia Zoo, 

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