Friday, July 25, 2014

Another Politician Tries To Outcrazy The Crazy: Would Arrest Federal Employees In Wyoming

This guy probably would like to see
strip mines in Yellowstone Park.  
Meet Taylor Haynes, our latest in a series of crazies running for public office.

This guy, I think is almost as wacko as the guy I told you about recently who wants to nullify an Oklahoma election because he thinks his opponent is a body double or hologram.

No body doubles in this Wyoming case, that I know of.

But Taylor Haynes has aspirations to become the state's next governor.

His first idea is crazy enough. He wants to open Yellowstone National Park to mining and logging.

I supposed that would make money, but what of the $723.3 million all those tourists to the national park bring to Wyoming?

He later backed off on the idea a bit because of an outcry, saying he was just trying to call attention to Yellowstone, is all. 

OK, whatever.

But that mining, grazing idea is stirring in Haynes head.

He would rid Wyoming of the federal workers who manage parks, mining, grazing, that sort of thing.  aUm, since when is Wyoming an independent country?

Anyway, according to the Casper Star-Tribune, here's what Haynes would do:

"He would send federal agencies a certified letter inviting them to a meeting where he will explain his plans. They would then all have to be gone from the state of Wyoming by the day he takes office in January, 2015, or risk being jailed for "impersonating a law enforcement officer in Wyoming."

However, Haynes would be nice enough to offer these people state jobs to replace the federal jobs they lost.

Haynes apparently doesn't have a good chance of winning the Wyoming gubernatorial contest. Which is good, since it would be a bummer to fall into a coal mine while trying to witness Old Faithful.

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