Saturday, June 28, 2014

Unique Oklahoma Politician Says He Was Defeated By Robot Or Body Double

Unsuccessful Oklahoma Congressional candidate
Tim Murray said his winning opponent is actually
a robot or body double, and is thus disqualified.  
U.S Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Oklahoma won the recent primary for his party's nomination to the House of Representatives. It looks like he's headed for an easy re-election.

But one of the defeated candidates isn't going to take this lying down. Candidate Tim Murray says Lucas is actually a body double or robot for someone who died in 2011

"It is widely known Rep. Frank D. Lucas is no longer alive and has been displayed by a look alike," Murray writes in a note to television station KFOR.

Murray claims Lucas is among several U.S. Congress members who were executed in Ukraine in 2011.

Hmm. I'm pretty up on the news and I would have seen in the papers and on TV and the Internet a few years ago word of the execution by The World Court of Lucas and other Congress members in Ukraine three years ago.

Murray said these executions by hanging were televised world wide and it's common knowledge that it happened.

Somehow, I don't recall it. You think it would be all over the news. Like Benghazi or something.

Maybe there was a coverup or something.

KFOR reports that Lucas is a bit shocked by the news he doesn't exist. "It does come as kind of a shock to read that you're not you," Lucas said.

Lucas says he has never been to Ukraine. That's what they all say.

By the way, you HAVE to check out Murray's campaign Web site, that's still up despite the fact that he lost to the robot that is pretending to be Lucas.

Here's one example of Murray's accomplishments, taken from his Web site:  "Requested and obtained removal, from humans, of an illegal de-human chip from persons abroad and in armed forces use. Helped block the 7th day Legislation in the '70s that would put the 666 de-human chip on every person on earth. In prevention of the fore-mentioned, it was sealed with The People, The U.S. President, and the U.S. Supreme Court at that time and since that time."

I hadn't heard about this. 666 de-human chip? 7th day legislation? Tim, Tim, you have to explain this more to us ignorant sheeple.

However, the conspiracy Web sites, which are oh, so accurate, are all over it, Thank Gawd!

On the ZPi Blog, "serving the paranoid since 1997" we have this laudatory report on Murray:

"Murray is not threatening to break the set of political theater by exposing the conspiracy at the heart of modern government: Most politicians are actually android replacements known as Simulacra."

Now I'm even more confused. Simulacra? I've never even heard that word. And why hasn't anybody embedded a 666 chip in me? Or did they?

Maybe Murray will win his appeal of the election which Lucas, or his body double, won. Then we can learn more about this insidious plot.

Or at the very least, be entertained by this, um unique candidate.

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