Friday, June 27, 2014

This Year's Nominee For Man Who Did Worst Job Handling His Romantic Breakup The

Seattle area law enforcement said they arrested a jerk
for telling them his ex-girlfriend had a bomb
aboard a Southwest flight. He was getting back
 at her for breaking up with him, say authorities.  
If what police say is right, our nominee for creepiest guy, guy who does the worst job of handling a romantic breakup and all around jerk goes to Zachary Milliren, 26, of the Seattle area.  

A 22 year old woman broke up with him not long ago. I'm guessing she wanted to get away from it all, especially him, so she boarded a Southwest flight from Seattle to Las Vegas on June 18.

Milliren knew she was on the plane, so he did what any reasonable jilted man crazed maniac would do. He called police and said the woman had a bomb with her and planned on blowing up the plane, accoring to Seattle PI.

When this sort of thing happens, even if the whole threat seems like a stupid threat, you have to evacuate the plane, and in this case, interview the woman who was said to have the bomb.

Of course, the woman didn't have a bomb, but she certainly had a real dud of an ex-boyfriend. If what police say is accurate, he's one of those horrible, mentally ill people who scare the bejeezus out of their ex's by threatening them. Because they had the GALL to (wisely) leave them.

I'm not minimizing it, either. These guys ARE threats. I just hope he doesn't end up killing anybody.

The woman thought it wise to mention to police the threatening notes she'd gotten from Milligren, so they had their suspect.

He was easy to catch, too. (These wackos are usually pretty dumb) Milliren phoned in the bomb threats from his grandmother's house, police said.

The threats against the ex-girlfriend were pretty scary, so he faces charges along those lines, too. Some of the "love" notes he wrote after the breakup included, "Every day you will be unsafe...Just because you're in another state doesn't mean I can't get you."

And this doozy: "If the pigs come after me because of you, you will live the rest of our life in fear." That one went out to the woman right before he called in the bomb threats.

Milliren thought he was home free, though. He told police he was innocent because, "I didn't make a bomb threat...I just said my girlfriend had a bomb."

Not surprisingly, that argument, did not, um, fly.

He's charged with making a bomb threat and intimidating a witness, and was being held on $250,000 bails, says Seattle PI.

So at least he's off the streets and the women of Washington State are (temporarily, at least) safe from this clown.


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