Friday, June 13, 2014

Dramatic Rescue Shows Why I'm Sometimes Afraid of Pumping Gas

In a surveillance camera video that's going viral, a car driven by a guy who went into diabetic shock blasts into gas station pumps in Westchester County, New York, setting off a big explosion and fire.
Chaos and a rescue after a crash at
a New York State gas station.  

As you can see in the video, below, a guy who was pumping fuel, an off-duty police officer has a gas pump fall on him.

He manages to run away just at the fire erupts, but then manages to run back and pull the guy who had the diabetic shock out of his car before the fire really consumed everything.

Reports are there were a few minor injuries, but nothing life threatening.

I can't blame the guy who went into diabetic shock; these things happen.

What I can blame is the little stab of fear I get when - this happens more frequently than it should - I'm pumping gas and some bozo comes and fills his tank, or little gas tanks in the bed of his truck, while nonchalantly lighting and/or smoking a cigarette.

Those idiots deserve to be in an explosion, but please just don't involve me.

Anyway, here's the Westchester explosion and rescue. Quite amazing:

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