Saturday, June 28, 2014

Little Owl Does A Dance, Because You Should On A Nice Weekend

This owl wants to help you dance away your cares
this summer weekend. 
This video, going viral,  shows a little Morepork, an owl that was at a wildlife rescue center in New Zealand.

It appears he has decided to do a little dance, because what the hell.

This verbiage of importance from New Zealand Bird Rescue:

"New Zealand Bird Rescue supports the community by assisting many thousands of sick, orphaned, injured and lost birds every year. Birds that come into care here are rehabilitated until they are ready to release back into the wild. We accept and care for all New Zealand birds; no birds is ever turned away."

The morepork in this video was eventually released back into the wild.

It's just a little video to put you in the right, happy weekend move, so watch:

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