Wednesday, June 25, 2014

For Anyone Who Has Ever Been A Waiter, This Rant Is For You

Many moons ago, I waited tables to make ends meet.
Thadra Sheridan has LOTS to say
about waiting tables, and she does
it hilariously.  

That's true for a lot of us.

Waiting tables is a lot like watching Issues on Parade.

Most people were nice enough, but some people were just demanding and weird.

You learned if you scratched the surface their whines and complaints had little to do with the food and the service and a lot to do with their own inability to handle life.

These people made you really want to rant and explode they were so infuriating. However we luckily have this video from Thadra Sheridan that says it like it's meant to be said.

Sheridan is a well established and popular poet, essayist, performer, columnist and teacher. It's worth checking out her Web site. 

Meanwhile, her rant about waiting tables is so highly entertaining and laugh out loud funny you HAVE to watch:

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